Prices and FAQ

Price list for standard calculations

Steel Beam Design, lintels

1 for £60
2 for £110
3 for £160
Prices based on simply supported steel beams and include a free bearing design. For more complex arrangements which require additional checks the price will be adjusted. For larger schemes which require multiple beams better prices can be offered.

Steel Connections

£28 for 10
Prices based on standard steel to steel connection (i.e beam splice, beam to column, baseplate, beam to beam). For more complex connections the price will be communicated after reviewing . Price includes a simple connection sketch drawing for the steel fabricator. Complex steel details can be produced if required at an additional cost.

Steel frames (Picture frame, Goal Post)

Starting from £200
Prices based on standard steel stability frame arrangement and includes the design of the beam, columns, foundations and all the required steel connections.

Timber beams, Glulam beams, Flitch beams


Timber joists, timber columns

From £25

Loft Conversion

Starting from £350
Prices based on a standard loft conversion and includes the design of Rafters, joists, steel beams, stud walls, steel connections, timber trimmers. For larger schemes the price will be adjusted proportionally.


Starting From £50


Raft Foundations: from £ 300 for a standard Raft foundation and includes the design and reinforcement intent drawings.
Piled Foundations: Price to be confirmed based on complexity.
Pad Foundation: from £50.

All above mentioned prices are subject to change following the review of Architectural drawings, measured survey sketches. Quotes will be sent based on Architectural or survey plans. The drawings must include all floor plans and sections if available.
EK Structural Design Services reserves the right to adjust the price of the quoted works if the initially provided information wasn't accurate.


For a single steel beam design, a single structural element and minor schemes it takes 24-48 from the appointment time. For a larger schemes it takes between 3 to 7 working days from the instruction date. For a standard loft conversions or side extension it takes between 2 to 3 working days.

The client will always be offered an estimated time scale and kept up to date during the design process.

If the work is minor in nature (i.e simply supported beam, rafters etc.) please e-mail your proposal in the first instance with an attached sketch, measured survey, architectural planning drawings. 

For anything more complex than simple beam designs please attach all the detailed Architectural plans, sections if available. 

I will always advise you if additional checks and calculations are required and of any additional costs which might add.

If you wish to discuss the scheme please call at +44751 222 5123 or e-mail at to discuss your proposal.


All of my calculation packages are supplemented with a general arrangement sketches. For an additional fee I am able to produce detailed AutoCAD detail drawings.  Please advise at the time of enquiry if you would like this service and I can adjust my fee to include this.

My calculations are specifically produced to allow approval under the building regulations 2010.  They are in a recognised format which are readily accepted by Local Authority building control departments and private building inspectors. 

My aim is to ensure you are 100% satisfied with my service and that you gain full Building Regulation approval. If Building Control ask for additional information due to an error or omission on my part I will provide this absolutely free of charge with no questions asked. If however you or your builder make changes to the design then additional fees will be payable subject to the nature and scale of the changes.

I aim to provide the best value for money